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East Gull Lake Storage




1. Storage and fees are payable in advance. Applicable taxes apply.


2. EGLS is not responsible to refund pre-paid storage if a customer chooses to leave before the current contract has expired.


3. EGLS reserves the right to cancel any agreement if the Customer, Customer's family members or guests partake in any type of illegal activity; the Customer, Customer's family members, guests and all property will be immediately evicted from the EGLS premises. No refunds will be provided.


4. EGLS shall not be liable for the loss of any articles left inside property.


5. All property stored at EGLS is required to have valid registration, which is the

responsibility of the Customer. EGLS is not responsible for tickets, fines or towing fees

related to invalid property registration.


6. All property stored at EGLS, shall be at the Customer's risk. EGLS shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss or damage caused by or sustained to such property; without limiting the generality of the foregoing due to accidents, collisions, theft, fire, vandalism, wind action, water, wildlife, accumulations of snow or ice or structural failure. EGLS is not responsible for damages caused by power outages. Storage areas are not heated and boats must be properly drained before being brought to the storage yard.


7. Fueling property by portable jerry can and the storage of any flammable liquids, combustible containers, oily rags, and so on, is prohibited on EGLS property.


8. Customers are not permitted to carry out repairs on property while on EGLS premises.


9. No unauthorized contractors or private services are permitted on EGLS property

without authorization and Liability Insurance. Contractors or private services must provide EGLS a certificate prior to any work performed.


10. The Customer shall be liable for any loss, damage or destruction to EGLS property caused by the Customer's property, whether under operation and/or care of the Customer or any other person who has the Customer's consent. Customer shall render payment for damages within 30 days of occurrence.


11. EGLS assumes no responsibility for injury to Owners, family members or guests occurring within the EGLS storage compound from any cause whatsoever.


12. The Customer shall allow access to their vessel for the purposes of safety, emergency or for temporary location change.


13. Customers, family members and guests shall keep their pets on a leash at all times while on EGLS property. All pet owners must clean up after their pets.


14. EGLS may cancel this agreement if a Customer, family member or guest breaks any of the provisions of this agreement. Upon cancellation, the Customer will forthwith remove all property from EGLS. No refunds will be provided.


15. EGLS reserves the right to update prices and regulations at any time.



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Site Supervisor: Lloyd Tulloch

Phone Number: 1-403-350-7899